Purchases Via Selling Apps:

Terms & Conditions are not the same as our website. Prices on our website are higher than on apps. If you are unsure, please contact us to identify where your order was made.
Customers coming from any App site, not limited to facebook groups, facebook marketplace, letgo, offerup etc…..

1.       All Sales are FINAL
2.       At time of delivery you must inspect your item(s) are Free from any damage, defects or missing parts.
3.       Delivery is made to front door only
4.       Driver(s) is not responsible to remove any trash
5.      Assembly policies and fees are the same as purchasing through website
6.       No Receipts are given to customers purchasing through apps. They are only given if you make a purchase through Furniture2urDoor's WEBSITE
7.       If you make a purchase through any selling apps there is no warranty given for your item(s)